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The Abovereptiles a division of Next Level Inc is a family run business specializing in all types of captive-bred turtles for sale.  Turtle store also offers a wide variety of captive-bred baby tortoise and adult tortoise for sale, as well as many other captive bred reptiles, hatched right here on our reptile farm.  We have been specializing in captive bred reptiles for sale for over 2 decades.

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Over 25 Species of captive bred tortoises for sale online

baby tortoise for sale

Over 25 species of healthy, captive-bred well-started baby tortoises for sale.  Tortoises are shipped overnight and are available year-round. All baby and adult tortoises are shipped in heated/cooled insulated boxes via UPS or FedEx.  Shipping is always overnight for next morning delivery for one flat fee! Above reptiles is a family run company focusing on the sale of captive bred reptiles.  We have a real biologist on staff, 24 hours a day.

Our company biologist is also available to provide care guidance to our customers.  Thru captive breeding, ar has hatched thousands of baby tortoises, bred and hatched in our facility, here in Venice.  Our reptiles for sale are shipped nationwide, year-round. While our main focus will always be offering captive bred tortoises, we also offer quite a bit of other reptiles for sale.

captive bred tortoise for sale

With a biologist, ON-SITE we offer over 25 species of baby tortoise hatchlings for sale.  Choose the perfect tortoise hatchlings for sale, 6-month-old well-started baby tortoises, as well as juveniles and adult.  Our tortoise farm only breeds and produces captive bred tortoises and land turtles for sale. Some species include baby Russian tortoise, red foot tortoise, Sulcata tortoise, leopard tortoises, Greek tortoises, eastern & western Hermann’s tortoise, Indian star tortoise and more.

turtles for sale

We also offer captive bred wood turtles, water turtles, painted turtles, spotted turtles for sale and box turtle for sale, including baby box turtles for sale, eastern box turtle, ornate box turtles & 3 toed box turtles. Our animals are all captive-bred and never wild caught. We specialize in hand raised, indoor captive bred baby tortoises & aquatic turtles for sale, and box turtles. With a biologist, ON-SITE we are able to provide what we believe are the highest-quality captive bred turtles & baby tortoises for sale online anywhere in the USA.

Looking to buy turtles for sale or tortoises for sale?

large tortoise for sale

Tortoises that reach a max size of at least 18″ at full maturity are considered large tortoises.  African Sulcata, Aldabra, Giant South African leopard tortoises are Large to Giant tortoises. Other Giant tortoises for sale here at above reptiles include: Sulcata tortoise for sale (Sulcata tortoise are available in Ivory as well as Albino), leopard tortoise (baby leopard tortoise are available in Giant South African leopard tortoise Pardalis Pardalis as well as Pardalis Babcocki). Aldabra tortoise, as well as Burmese mountain tortoise,  include the Burmese Black Tortoise and Burmese brown mountain tortoise.

Medium Sized tortoises

Considering a tortoise that isn’t so tiny, but also isn’t a giant?  Medium sized tortoises range in size from 10-16″ on average. AR has a large variety of captive-bred medium-sized tortoises. Some medium-sized tortoises include the Burmese star tortoiseSri Lankan Star Tortoise.  Colorful species include red foot tortoiseyellow foot tortoisecherry head tortoise.  Testudo tortoises are small to medium and include the Ibera Greek tortoise and the Elongated tortoise.

Small tortoises

Small tortoises range in size from as small as only 4″ to a max length of 8″.  Are you looking for a tiny tortoise or small tortoise species? Typically, you will be shopping within the “Testudo tortoise” family.  

Turtles for sale

Are you searching for some new baby turtles for sale?  including freshwater turtle, or any type of aquatic turtle for sale, we’ve got ya covered! We’ve got the common water turtle species like slider turtles and pond turtles for sale.  Also, we offer box turtles for sale.  AR offers box turtles for sale, 3 toed, Ornate and the Chinese box turtle.

Our mission is to bring you the highest quality, hand raised captive bred tortoises for sale and turtles for sale anywhere.  We offer a variety of captive-bred box turtles, tortoise hatchlings, including sulcata tortoise russian tortoiseburmese star tortoise, Sri Lankan Star Tortoise, indian star tortoise, box turtle for sale, we offer the ability to buy pet tortoise online  and get it shipped overnight to your door.


Captive bred baby tortoise

All of our baby tortoises are 100% captive bred.  Here you can buy the highest quality baby tortoises for sale.  Some of our most popular species include the leopard tortoise, burmese star tortoise for sale, box turtle for sale, baby sulcata tortoise for sale, african spurred tortoise, African spurred tortoise, spurred tortoise for sale, russian tortoise for sale, greek tortoise, we also offer hermann tortoise to buy online. 

Chameleon for sale

ar is proud to have a biologist ON-SITE.  All reptiles for sale purchased from ar are 100% Captive Bred and come with a full LIVE ARRIVAL & 7 DAY HEALTH GUARANTEE including our box turtles for sale, iguana for sale, baby panther chameleon, baby veiled chameleons, all of our geckos for sale, including our leopard gecko for sale, crested geckos for sale and gargoyle geckos.

Geckos for sale

We have a fantastic selection of 100% captive bred baby geckos for sale as well as adult gecko for sale online.  If you’re looking to buy top quality leopard gecko, crested gecko, gargoyle geckos, chahoua gecko or African fat tail gecko, ar has a real biologist ON-SITE.  

baby gecko for sale

Our crested gecko inventory, as well as our gargoyle gecko, leopard geckos, and fat tailed gecko comes from some of the best genetic lines in the world!  We offer a full range of rare and common crested gecko morphs, gargoyle gecko morphs, and fat tail gecko morphs for sale.


Abovereptiles reviews Looking for Abovereptiles reviews? We have some of our customer reviews available here!

ar was patient, and very informative answering all the questions I had. VERY satisfied with my baby Sulcata tortoise. He arrived very well packaged and warm. Will definitely recommend ar to any of my friends whom are interested in buying a tortoise or turtle for sale online !  If you are considering sulcata tortoises for sale I highly recommend ar!


Very happy with my African Sulcata

Today I got a beautiful leopard tortoise! I was doing research when I can across the tortoise town video for setting up the enclosure. I was so impressed with how much though they put into the video and not just the basic set up but they actually suggested ways for people to save money. At that time I looked up there website and set up my account. I live up in northern Montana and I had a lot of concern about ordering a tortoise for sale online, and how the baby would get here and I wanted to make sure it stayed warm. They were very patiently answered all of my questions and even put up with me asking questions all day while I anxiously waited for the baby to get here. I recommend ar to anyone looking for a new member of their family!!!! I know my family is so overjoyed!!!!


I got a beautiful leopard tortoise from tortoisetown!

Awesome place to buy baby turtles from! I received a baby African side neck and she came fast and warm!! The packaging was great she had a little heat pack to keep her warm and toasty! Definitely will recommend to friends!! And I will definitely be ordering more from them!!


Love my African Side neck turtle

I purchased a well started russian tortoise for sale last May and he is doing great.  I had many questions and ar customer service was excellent.  They were very patient with me and made sure I fully understand their answers to my questions about habitat setup.  I would recommend them to anyone looking to buy a healthy tortoise for sale online.


The best customer service & tortoises anywhere!
Dendrobates Tinctorius Azureus

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